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CHH200T Ankle AFO Assist Dressing Aid helps make donning an ankle-foot brace easier.
CHH200T Ankle AFO Assist Dressing Aid helps make donning an ankle-foot brace easier.

Ankle AFO Assist Dressing Aid

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Increase dressing independence for AFO users!
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The Ankle AFO Assist Dressing Aid is an innovative lower-body dressing aid that makes putting on an ankle foot orthosis (AFO) and shoe easier. This unique dressing assistive device was created by an occupational therapist to increase dressing independence for AFO users. Rehabilitation therapists and people with physical disabilities who wear an AFO to safely walk are finding The AFO Assist® is a practical, helpful device. Persons providing in-home care for AFO users will greatly increase their patient's dressing independence by implementing this assistive dressing aid.

Stroke survivors as well as those with impaired motor skills, trunk flexibility concerns, or a variety of other medical conditions often have difficulty holding an AFO in an upright and stable position when attempting to place their foot into the brace. This task is even more challenging if they only have the use of one hand. The Ankle AFO Assist Dressing Aid is designed to support any size AFO. The articulating design allows the AFO cradle to be placed in either an upright, flat, or angled position. The user can then put on the AFO in either a long-sitting or short-sitting position. The shoe platform accessory assists the user in putting on their shoe. The Foot Funnel keeps the heel of the shoe from collapsing. The Toe Tunnel prevents shoe shifting during donning.

PDFAFO Assist Instructions

Ankle AFO Assist Dressing Aid Specifications:

  • Accommodates: Adult and pediatric size AFOs and shoes.
  • Includes: Assembled AFO Cradle, Shoe platform, Foot Funnel, Toe Tunnel.
  • Materials: No-break polypropylene.
  • Created by: An Occupational Therapist with over 20 years of experience in the rehabilitation profession.
  • Made in: USA.

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