Angled Eating Utensils are modified spoons and forks that are angled, curved, or bendable. If grasping or using standard eating utensils is difficult for your loved one, here are a variety of angled eating utensils that can help. Users with decreased arm strength often have difficulty maintaining a grip on silverware. These specially designed utensils can be helpful when preparing meals or eating. Caregivers will find these modified spoons and forks that are bendable, or set at a fixed angle assist with reduced mobility or dexterity to help users be as independent with self feeding as possible.

Angled Eating Utensils

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Open handle design provides several grasping positions for users with limited hand mobility.
Open handle design and adjustable angle fork provides several grasping positions.
Easily hand-bent to the left or the right at any angle comfortable to the user.
Ideal for diagnoses of neurological disorders, a stroke, head injury, severe arthritis, wrist fractures, shoulder dysfunction, or cerebral palsy.
Large, easy-to-hold handles.
Weighted utensils provide more control for people with limited hand control, Parkinson's or spasticity.
Easy to grasp eating utensils for elderly, handicap, or disabled
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Bendable utensils for left and right handed use
Added weight help provide increased control to prevent the user’s hands from shaking.
Angle can be bent left or right for those with limited arm movement.
Adapted stainless steel spoon can be custom angled.
Custom angle for users with limited hand, wrist, elbow movement.
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