Dining, Eating and Drinking Aids for People with Alzheimer's Disease or Dementia.

Dining Aids

For people with Alzheimer's Disease or Dementia who have difficulty holding or using utensils, adaptive dining equipment such as plate guards and silverware with specially designed handles may be helpful for them to feed themselves independently. Encourage independent eating if your loved one is able. Consider serving finger foods that are easier to handle and eat.

Some symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, including confusion and lack of energy, can be worsened by poor nutrition. Be sure to provide your loved one with a nutritious diet and plenty of healthy fluids, such as water or juice. Red plates and utensils may help stimulate their appetite to eat. Don't force feed, but do encourage your loved one to eat.
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Provides a barrier to push food against.
Studies show Alzheimer patients increase food intake by 24% and liquid by 84% due to red color.
Helps make scooping food onto utensils easier.
Keeps food from being pushed off the plate while eating.
With a big, curved inner edge, spills and overflows are prevented, while the high edges make scooping up food simple.
Easily hand-bent to the left or the right at any angle comfortable to the user.
Helps prevent food from spilling onto the table and floor.
Large, easy-to-hold handles.
Ergonomic fork, spoon, and knife promote self-feeding
Non-skid rubber padded bottom increases control when scooping food.
Choose from Regular High Sided Dish or Hi-Lo Dish with cut out edge.
Adapted plate helps to increase dining independence.
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