Easy to use, Adult Bibs with Velcro Closure are fast and simple for caregivers to put on and take off during meal times.

Adult Bibs with Velcro Closures

Adult Bibs with Velcro Closures provide caregivers easy to secure and remove clothing protectors. The durable touch closures are securely attached to the material to provide years of reliable use. Choose from printed fabrics, bleachable white terry cloth, neoprene, or quilted fabrics. Full waterproof backing provides reliable clothing protection from spills during meals. Caregivers will find these large size bibs available in a variety of designs for their loved ones to enjoy dining and keep their clothes clean.
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Attractive floral print design adult clothing protectors available in 3 colors
Absorbent terry cloth with waterproof backing help protect clothing during meals.
$13.95 $9.95
Navy blue stain hiding fabric with waterproof backing helps protect clothing during meals.
Soft neoprene is attractive, stain resistant, and provides a robust alternative to lighter weight bibs.
White rose print reversible solid black soft, stylish, stain proof clothing protector
Lightweight waterproof adult bib protects clothes against food and beverage spills.
Soft, light weight blue plaid fabric that is stain resistant and water proof
Reversible heart print red fabric is stain and waterproof, stylish adult clothing protector.
Green and tan plaid fabric is stain and waterproof, stylish alternative to traditional adult bib.
Reversible leopard print and tan fabric stylish alternative to traditional adult bib.
Attractive design hides stains while the crumb catcher and waterproof material protect the user
Adult bib that is waterproof, stain proof, and large enough to cover the whole torso to completely protect the user
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