Ergonomically designed adaptive food preparation and cooking aids allow stroke survivors to prepare, cook and serve meals independently.

Adaptive Cooking Equipment

Adaptive cooking equipment includes a variety of cooking utensils and appliances for individuals who have had a stroke. Ergonomically designed food preparation items allow stroke survivors to prepare, cook, serve and eat meals independently.
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Ideal for one handed users.
Non slip, non skid mats help caregivers prevent spills.
Large Round 7.5 inch diameter non slip pad made from non-toxic silicone.
$19.95 $14.95
10 x 7 inch rectangle non slip silicone placemat
13.75x10 inch rectangular silicone pad
17.75x15 inch non slip silicone pad.
Rubber suction feet hold the board in place while working
$38.95 $35.95
Adapted cutting board has food spikes and vice for holding foods.
Designed to assist people with weak hand function in preparing food.
$109.95 $94.95
Prevents the pan from turning when stirring the contents with one handed.
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