Adapted Drinking Straws & Holders designed to assist disabled individuals to drink beverages and make daily independence more possible.

Adapted Drinking Straws & Holders

Caregivers will find these adapted drinking straws and holders allow loved ones to drink liquids independently without any assistance. Adapted drinking straws are available in a variety of styles and lengths, and straw holders fit on top of the cup to keep the straw in one place. Straws with a one way valve keep the liquid from flowing back into the cup and can be helpful for those with poor suction. Wider straws allow thicker liquids to pass through, but require more suction to draw the liquid up the straw. Longer straws may help to avoid having to lift the cup at all, which can be helpful for those with stiffness or pain in the shoulders or arms.
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Clips to the lip of glasses and cups.
Mount onto the edge of any glass or cup to keep a drinking straw in position.
Eighteen inch flexible white polyethylene or rigid clear plexiglas drinking straws.
Package of 10 extra long flexible straws help caregivers provide easy access to beverages for hands free drinking.
Reusable, hygienic covers prevent spills at any angle.
Flexible drinking straws promote independence
Extra large, high quality, fully bendable stainless steel reusable straws ideal for smoothies, milkshakes
$22.95 $19.95
Extra long metal straws will not warp, or break during use, allowing them to be used longer, saving money, and helpful for caregivers to provide easy access to beverages and encourage hydration for their loved ones.
Large, long bendable metal straws can be custom angled for the user, helpful for caregivers to promote hydration with smoothies, shakes, thick liquids.
Extra large, extra long metal drinking straws made of high quality food grade bendable stainless steel allow caregivers to position beverages for easy access for their loved to be able to drinking independently.
$66.95 $39.95
Package of 50 super long straws with flexible sections, washable and reusble to help caregivers provide easy access to beverages for users with limited mobility.
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