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Action Products pioneered the use of polymer for pressure sore prevention. By creating Akton® viscoelastic polymer with the sole purpose of preventing and managing pressure injuries, it is now a global leader in the industry. Sometimes referred to as a gel, Akton® polymer supersedes this designation as it redistributes weight, redistributes heat, will not leak, flow or bottom out, never requires kneading, pumping or inflating of any kind, and is easy to use, clean and maintain.

Caregiver Products is proud to offer pads and cushions made by Action Products, Inc., makers of the AKTON® Viscoelastic polymer.
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Soft gel padding provides pressure relief and increases comfort.
Easily repair small cuts on any Akton Polymer Pad
Low profile cushion with low shear cover for incontinence protection.
Basic cover with non-skid bottom, zippered closure.
Comfortable gel cushions for toilet seats that won't leak, bottom out or absorb body fluids.
Multifunctional applications for traditional and non-traditional seating challenges.
Cube construction of the pad surface allows air circulation.
A low profile cushion that provides exceptional pressure relief.
Offers basic pressure and shear reduction for low risk users at an affordable price.
Provides spot protection and pressure management for use on lap trays.
Used by hospitals and long term care facilities as a significant component in prevention and treatment of decubitus ulcers.
Used to help prevent pressure sores
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