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Pressure sores, bedsores, or other broken skin can be a serious problem when caring for someone at home. In addition to changing position in bed often, to help keep skin healthy, keep the sheets dry and free from wrinkles, and massage the back and other parts of the body (like hips, elbows, and ankles) that press down on the bed. Report any red or broken areas on the skin to the doctor or nurse right away.

Skin Care Products include a variety of specialized positioning aids, tools, supplies, and dressings designed to help prevent skin injuries or help wounds heal quickly. Positioning Supplies include items for pressure relief as well as heel lifting boots, blanket lift bars, bandage protectors, and skin protectors. These specialized positioning aids include pillows that provide cushioning and protection for high risk areas such as the heels, elbows, hips.

Wound Care Supplies include a variety of products such as ointments, cremes, barriers, cleaners, scar treatments and soothing dressings. Triderma MD® Therapeutic Skin Products, CVS Skin Labs nourishing skin care products, and Formula 2 Skin Care Creams are all made in USA.
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Organic, refreshing spray provides instant hydration for all sensitive skin types
Organic, natural advanced therapy formula for dry, irritated, sensitive skin
$36.00 $24.95
Organic, petrolatum-free, rich, thick salve designed for all sensitive skin types
Highly concentrated moisturizer and skin barrier cream
$23.95 $19.95
Used to moisturize and protect any type of skin anywhere on the body.
Multi-purpose unique cream effectively protects and moisturizes skin.
Gel tubes protect fingers or toes while absorbing shock and pressure.
70% ethyl alcohol formula meets the CDC guidelines for healthy hand hygiene.
Non-greasy, highly concentrated cream effectively moisturizes dry, cracked skin on heels, feet, and elbows for health skin care.
Non-greasy, non-sticky, fragrance free, fast healing barrier cream protects skin against wetness, ideal for incontinence.
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