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Drink & Cup Holders provide helpful solutions for individuals with physical disabilities to easily access beverages. Our drink holders also enable wheelchair users to carry beverages with them while keeping their hands free. These hands free drinking aids are designed to allow users to drink without using their hands, for those who are unable to lift or drink from a mug or cup. These adapted grips for cups, mugs and bottles can be securely mounted on a wheelchair or bed frame, or positioned on a table. Choose from suction base holders or clamp mount holders that grip a variety of cups, mugs, and bottles. Caregivers for elderly, disabled can use these adapted drink and cup grips to provide easy access to beverages.
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Comfortable silicone straps fit a variety of cups, glasses, bottles.
Universal holder with non-slip hand clip for cups, bottles, glasses, does not require gripping.
Folds away so wheelchair users can fit through small spaces while carrying a drink.
Standard size drink holder that can attach to a variety of mobility devices.
Easy to use holder can adjust to hold a variety of drink containers.
An adapted glass and cup holder ideal for increasing dining freedom.
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Adjustable arm cup holder securely attaches to round tubing on walkers, wheelchairs, strollers and hospital bed rails for easy access to beverages.
Universal holder with adjustable hand clip and strap.
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