Dressing Aids

If your patient or loved one still wants to dress by their selves, and socks are a problem because of other physical limitations, sock aids will enable them. Just put the sock over the tube, and by pulling a long hand it will slip the sock right on.
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Telescopic action allows easy storage and discreetness
Easy to secure, one handed closure adapted dressing belt for adults.
Dressing aid helps those with difficulty dressing their lower body.
Easy to secure adapted belt allows for one handed closure.
Widened tool for putting on and removing socks
Sleeve grips hold shirt sleeve in place while putting on a shirt, jacket, or coat.
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Open fully in front, waist to knees, for easier personal care
Extra wide and extra firm clothing aid to slip on socks without bending over
Open completely from waist down to the knees for easier personal care.
Opens from waist to the knees, allows caregivers easy access for personal care. New color!
No-sew solution converts shirt buttons into magnetic closures, help users overcome button challenges, restore dressing independence.
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