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Parkinson's Feeding and Eating aids including adult bibs, scoop plates, food bumpers, plate guards, weighted utensils, adapted silverware, tableware, cups, mugs and more. Our dining aids help make caring for people with Parkinson's easier.
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Heavy handle helps stabilize hand movement.
Heavy handle provides added stability.
Added weight provides stability to hand movements.
Heavy handle helps stabilize hand movement.
Reusable, hygienic covers prevent spills at any angle.
$19.95 $15.95
A self-leveling fork that helps prevent spills for people with Parkinson's, hand tremors, or poor coordination.
Self-leveling spoon helpful for dining with fewer spills.
Counterweight balances the food weight, regardless of the user's arm position
Drinking aid for people with tremors, limited dexterity, weak grip.
Additional weight helps stabilize movement for those who experience tremors of the hands.
Non skid, no spill dessert bowl with suction pad.
Non skid, no spill soup bowl with vacuum suction base
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