Strokes kill more than 130,000 people in America each year. People who survive a stroke have a higher risk of long term disability. That is why doing proper rehabilitation and following other critical tips is so important for maximizing your chances of recovery.

To improve your stroke recovery results, be sure to remember the following:

#1 Get Help Fast!

It is vital to get medical attention immediately if you think you have had a stroke. Patients who get to the ER within three hours of first symptoms have less disability after the stroke. Do not worry about going to the ER for no reason - get there right away if you suspect a stroke has occurred.

#2 Keep Medical Info Nearby

Your doctor must know your medical history if you have had a stroke.

A stroke can damage your ability to think and communicate, so you may not be able to relate your medical history to a doctor. This is a big problem because some stroke treatments are dangerous if done if you are on certain drugs.

It is a good idea to carry a patient health profile that lists all medical conditions and any drugs you are taking. Also, make sure your loved ones have a copy of your medical history to share with doctors.

#3 Select a Top Rehab Center

Whenever you can, it is important that a patient is involved in acute inpatient rehabilitation after a stroke. The data shows that the more intensive rehab you get after a stroke, the better your recovery will be.

#4 Eat Right

A healthy diet is vital when you are recovering form a stroke. This includes what you eat at the hospital, in outpatient care and at home.

Food choice is important after a stroke because you may have difficulty swallowing after your stroke. Your care team may recommend softer foods or thicker liquids. Swallowing issues can lead to fluid aspiration and pneumonia, which is sometimes fatal.

#5 Exercise

Do not over do it; follow the recommendations of your doctor, but reasonable levels of activity after a stroke can really help you recovery. Remember that you can experience poor coordination after a stroke, which can lead to falls, so stick to the exercise regimen your doctor advises.

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