You may know what is going on with the health of your loved one, but what is going on with YOU? If you are a caregiver, it is very easy to forget about your own needs. Here are three signs that you are nearing burnout, and what to do about it:

#1 You Are Angry One Moment, Sad the Next

Physical and emotional burnout will hit caregivers sooner or later. As you go through the roller coaster of caring for your loved one, it is easy to get angry and overwhelmed. If your emotions swing from one extreme to another quickly, you may be dealing with anxiety and/or depression.

Remember that untreated depression and anxiety is a serious problem, and you need to take care of it.

Go to your doctor and rule out any medical conditions that can cause your symptoms. Tell your doctor that you are a caregiver and he can provide you with the help you need to deal with your stress and anxiety.

#2 You Get Sick Often

Stress also damages the immune system. If you get sick a lot and stay sicker than you should, you probably have a weak immune system.

Do not let your regular checkups slide because of your caregiving. See your doctor and dentist on time. Also, eat properly and sleep at least seven hours per night.

#3 You Lash Out At Others

If you are feeling overwhelmed and helpless, you may overreact to things that people do or do not do.

Keep in mind that you should not set the bar so high that it is impossible to meet it. Call a friend when you feel down. Studies have shown that just speaking about your frustrations can reduce your tension and eases your feelings of isolation.

Overall, remember to take care of yourself regularly to minimize burnout. Ask for help, eat properly, sleep enough, and continue to do things you enjoy. That way you will be able to stay healthy yourself, and provide better care for your loved one.