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210 Innovations designed the Safe•t mate line to introduce innovative solutions for the safety of long-term care residents. With input from caregivers, these products blend simplicity, durability, and economy.

More and more residents in the nations nursing homes are Alzheimer's patients confined to wheelchairs. After several years of experience in the long term care industry, we saw a disturbing trend. These individuals often forget to set their brakes before attempting to stand. This of course, can result in devastating falls. We set out to develop a product that would automatically set wheelchair brakes.

Several designs, prototypes, and market tests later, the first Wheelchair Anti-rollback Device rolled into production. The “Safe•t mate” was an instant success. What we expected was indeed true. Calls came flooding in from Rehabilitation Professionals and D.O.N.s “You wouldn’t believe how long we’ve waited for someone to invent this” was the recurring theme.

Caregiver Products is proud to offer Safe•t mate® wheelchair safety devices and aids by 210 Innovations, LLC.
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Fall prevention safety system specifically designed to fit the Invacare Tracer EX2 or Invacare SX5 non-reclining wheelchair, helpful for caregivers for wheelchair users with poor safety awareness who forget to set the manual hand brakes.
Personal fall monitor alerts caregivers when their loved one is at risk for a fall, alternative to a restraint.
Adjustable banner deterrs wanderers from entering wide doorways
Attaches the Tab Grabber to a desk or tabletop.
The instant the belt is separated, an alarm sounds to alert caregivers and remind the user to remain seated.
Holds tablet computers, eReaders, iPads.
Pair of easy to attach extension handles help make pushing a wheelchair easier.
Easy to install safety device helps prevent falls by preventing a wheelchair from rolling backwards.
Helps caregivers increase wheelchair safety by preventing wheelchairs from tipping forward.
Universal and adjustable extensions designed to prevent wheelchairs from tipping backwards.
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