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    We have searched for assistive devices to help caregivers in bathing, feeding, dressing, positioning and transferring the person being cared for.

    Do you feel helpless trying to care for someone in your home? We provide adaptive eating utensils, special plates, writing tools, bathing aids, positioning pillows and other adaptive aids to help make in home care easier.

    Quite often, using the right disability equipment will allow a person to be less dependent or require less assistance from their caregiver. From weighted eating utensils to folding sliding transfer bath seats, there are many assistive devices to help people function better.

    We strive to satisfy our customers by offering quality products, professional service and competitive pricing.

    Let us help you find "The Wright Stuff" for you & the individual you are caring for.


    Bruder ProtoCold Cold Therapy Tri-Versal Pad
    $25.95 $16.95 Sale
    In Stock
    Big John Bariatric Commode Chair
    $349.95 $308.95 Sale
    In Stock
    Etac Swedish Cutting Board
    $62.95 $56.95 Sale
    In Stock
    TriDerma MD Eczema Fast Healing Ointment 4 oz Jar
    $24.95 $19.95 Sale
    In Stock
    TriDerma MD Psoriasis Control Cream 4 oz Jar
    $19.95 $18.95 Sale
    In Stock
    Freedom No Slip Dessert Bowl
    $24.95 $20.95 Sale
    In Stock